Appointment Times

All appointment times are your windows of arrival. For example an appointment scheduled for 10am, is a window of arrival between 10am-12pm, if you need to reach us call or text us at 410-536-1273, or email us at mloverde@airductprosinc.net.  We will call or text you on the day of service, when the techs are on their way.

Fine Print:

-Cannot service all apartments or systems/units located on or above the 3rd floor, on the roof or a small crawlspace

-We need access to your driveway or parking either right in front or the back of your home

-We need access to your system/unit and also need to be able to stand in front of all the vent registers in your home connected to the system being cleaned, homeowner is responsible for  showing our techs all vent registers -our techs do not move heavy furniture or fragile items, our 8" round hoses need to come through either a window or door closest to your unit, an access hole needs to be created in your trunk lines and will be sealed when finished

-Offer valid for single system only, additional systems are charged at a flat rate of $279 each, for example 2 Systems would be, $329+$279, 3 Systems would be, $329+$279+$279
-Offer does not include EnviroCon service; is available at a flat rate of $100 per system
-Dryer vent cleaning is not included and can be added on the day of service for an additional $75 and includes cleaning from where the vent exhausts outside to where it connects to the back of the dryer and we cannot handle dryer vents that exhaust out over 20ft off of the ground, on the roof or under a low deck
-Payment is due on the day of service, we accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express