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Residential Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning services in MD since 2005.  

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 Since 2005 Air Duct Pros, Inc. has provided Residential Air Duct Cleaning services to over seven thousand homeowners in MD. Located in Baltimore, MD we are a family owned & operated corporation with an A+ BBB rating.  Our only business is air duct cleaning and we take what we do very seriously, we started this company to be the opposite of the bait and switch duct cleaning companies. Unlike others, we never use subcontractors or inferior electric equipment. We use a gas powered HVAC duct cleaning machine (Nikro #HP20), because it is more powerful than an electric powered unit and offers more mobility than traditional truck mounted units. Our only crew which has over 15 years of experience, and led by the owner and his helper. We only have flat rate pricing with no hidden fees 

Air Duct Pros, Inc. air duct cleaning services in MD

Residential Air Duct Cleaning  

Now $329.00 for a one system home,

additional systems are priced at $279 each 

Covers Cleaning of Unlimited Supply Vents Ducts, Unlimited Return Vent Ducts, Main Return Lines, Main Supply Lines, Service Openings and Closings for a one system home (the number of systems can usually be determined by the number of condensors outside or the number of thermostats inside)

Please be advised: 

-We cannot service all apartments or systems/units located above the 3rd floor, on the roof or a small crawlspace

-We need access to your driveway or parking either right in front or the back of your home
-We need access to your system/unit and also need to be able to stand in front of all the vent registers in your home connected to the system being cleaned, homeowner is responsible for showing our techs all vent registers and trunk lines, our techs do not move heavy furniture or fragile items, our 8" round hoses need to come through either a window or door closest to your unit, an access hole needs to be created in your trunk lines and will be sealed when finished

Dryer Vent Cleaning flat rate with Air Duct Cleaning


includes cleaning from where the vent exhausts outside to where it connects to the back of the dryer -residential only -cannot handle vents that exhaust out over 20ft off of the ground, on the roof or under a deck -we do not clean or repair the dryer itself.  and we cannot handle dryer vents located on the roof, above the 2nd floor or under a low deck. 

View our Pricing Page for more details
Gas powered equipment used in our duct cleaning services

 ​All Air Duct Cleaning companies are NOT the same! ​When you call the other guys, use this check list of questions 

  1. Do You SPECIALIZE in Air Duct Cleaning? Yes we do
    Watch out for, “ We specialize in a lot of things... carpet cleaning, chimney sweeping or heating and cooling!” What they really mean is - “No we don’t.”
  2. Do you use Gas Powered equipment as opposed to a Electric Powered or Rotory Brush System Method? Yes, We use a gas powered Nikro #HP20 If your equipment isn't powerful enough to place duct work under enough negative pressure or doesn't even apply negative pressure, then the job cannot be done correctly.   The primary short coming of the Electric Powered or Rotory Brush-Type system is its inability to put the duct work under proper negative pressure. Proper negative pressure is especially important to prevent any microbial (mold, mildew, etc) contamination in the HVAC system from escaping into the home.
  3.  ​Is the PRICE your quoting really the total price and is there any guarantee? Yes Beware of Bait and Switch Companies! Our pricing is flat rates with no hidden charges. Our prices will not change.  Never choose a company solely for being the lowest or best priced. Professional duct cleaning is not cheap. View our Bait and Switch Page for more info.
  4. Can you trust us? Yes you can trust Air Duct Pros, Inc. we have an A+ Rating as an Accredited business on the BBB and have won Angie's List Super Service Awards for 2007 thru 2018 Best of Houzz Award for 2014 thru 2018, Best Pick Reports 2014 thru 2017,  and have a 5.0 star rating on Yelp, BBB and Facebook and a 4.9 Star Rating on Google Plus.
  5. Are you a legitimate registered company in your state? Yes Air Duct Pros, Inc. is a Small Corporation and is MD Department ID: D12643367, you can validate a companies information here 
  6. Do you have business insurance? Yes We have Commercial Liability, Auto and Workman Comp insurance
  7. Do you use the correct Air Duct Cleaning Process? Yes Some of our competitors claim, "We don't cut into your system!" Do you have to cut into my duct work? Answer: Yes, if you want to clean duct work properly, you have to be able to access the inside of it to do that. 
  8. Can I Talk to the Owner if I Have a Problem? Yes call or text 410-536-1273 or email us at csr@airductprosinc.net    
  9. Do you provide a WRITTEN GUARANTEE? Yes Air Duct Pros, Inc. has a 30 day guarantee on all work unless otherwise stated 

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